Courage to live!

Against the background of the knowledge of Immunity and resilience, we offer you as a participant of our Corona Research Cruises a program that will boost your powers to master challenges naturally.

Courage to live

By balancing community and time for yourself, we create a breeding ground for creativity based on respect for these pillars of health and success:

  • Your joy of life

    Where there is joy, there is no place for fear. What makes you happy? Music, dance, relaxation, games, conversations, books, and good food – recharge your batteries!

  • Your serenity

    It’s a wisdom that comes true in turbulent times. We offer excellent, simple methods for you to meet your personal stressors in a new way.

  • Your power

    Feeling your own strength makes you secure. Confident in dealing with others, with situations, and with microbes. You can train your strength and dexterity in different ways – alone or with others!

  • Your goals

    Every person is different. What is important to you? This study can be a time of orientation and vision for you, how your life should be and how to get there. Gaining clarity is beneficial for every individual and for the society!

  • When we are strong and happy, the world becomes healthier!

    Yes, I’m in!